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I just wanted a gifset of all three… (x,x,x)

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Hope. Peace. Justice. And  TACOS.

one of these things are not like the others

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I’ve gushed about Batman: The Animated Series before. And I’ll do it again. Because I can’t express just how much I love this show. And this is the main reason that I love it. The dynamic between Batman and the ‘villains’ is fantastic! Just like in the other versions of Batman, he’s always there to stop their schemes and throw a few punches and take them to Arkham/Blackgate. But the series went one step beyond. The series showed a compassionate Batman - a Batman who spoke not only for the innocent citizens of Gotham but for the villains as well. He understood that many of the villains were simply victims of circumstance. He wanted to help them. He needed to help them.

The first gif is from an episode where Harley is rehabilitated but ends up snapping and Batman stays with her all day to try and help her. In the second one, Batman is horrified to learn about Mr. Freeze’s origins. The third gif is from an episode where he shows a drug-dealer/mob-boss that his son has become addicted to the drugs. The fourth one is from an episode where Selina Kyle is initially rehabilitated before somebody steals her cat, causing her to resume her position as Catwoman. Unfortunately, even at the end, she is unable to find her cat and is upset. Until Batman lowers a basket onto her balcony with the cat in it. The Dark Knight went out of his way to find a cat because he knew how much it meant to Catwoman. How great is that? The two gifs of the Joker are from one of my favorite scenes in the entire series and really define their relationship. He actually yells out for Batman when he’s in trouble! And even better, Batman appears! And just look at how happy Joker is! (And you don’t see it in the gifs but he jumps up and hides behind Batman. And even when the guy throws a ‘bomb’, Batman crouches in a position to shield Joker!) You can find a great post about Baby Doll here. And finally, it shows him with Harvey/Two-Face - the villain that he refuses to give up on.

I just love this show and I love this Batman and I love this dynamic with the ‘villains’. Because, again, it show a Batman who speaks not only for the civilians but for the ‘villains’ as well!

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